Who Are the Richest Women in America?

Annual ‘Forbes’ list of 400 billionaires includes just 42 women and only four who are self-made.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

In case you were worried about their 401(k)s, you can rest easy. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison and the Koch brothers are still multibillionaires. With a B.

In fact, 400 billionaires—with a B—made the latest Forbes 400 list of America’s richest people. The female power on the list is rather disappointing, however. Just 42 of the slots go to women, and only four of those are held by self-made billionaires, according to the magazine.

Of the self-made moneymakers Oprah Winfrey ranks highest at No. 139 (she’s worth $2.7 billion). The entertainment queen is followed by ABC Supply’s Diane Hendricks at No. 188 ($2.2 billion), Gap’s Doris Fisher at No. 212 ($2 billion) and recently named HP chief Meg Whitman at No. 331 ($1.3 billion), Forbes reports.

So, who are the richest women in America? According to the list: Wal-Mart heiresses Christy Walton at No. 6 ($24.5 billion) and Alice Walton at No. 10 ($20.9 billion), candy heiress Jacqueline Mars at No. 20 ($13.8 billion), media heiress Ann Cox Chambers at No. 26 ($12 billion) and Fidelity mutual fund heiress Abigail Johnson at No. 29 ($11.7 billion).

Meanwhile, we’re still working our way to the totally-free-of-debt list. Forbes may not recognize it, but it’s a very exclusive club.

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First Published September 23, 2011

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