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Looking to add a little humor to your mobile device? We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a fan of classic comedy or lowbrow jokes.

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The Onion

“America’s Finest News Source” is at the touch of your fingertips with the Onion’s new mobile app, packed with satirical headlines, stories and award-winning (really) video and audio reports. (Free.)

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Sleep Talk Recorder

Ever been told you talk in your sleep? Record your nocturnal self with this app designed to translate sleep jabber. If you dare, share the hilarious clips with friends on Facebook or Twitter. ($0.99)

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The Colbert Report’s 'The Word'

This app features clips from every installment of The Colbert Report’s “The Word,” a segment in which political funnyman Stephen Colbert shares the meanings of made-up phrases (new meanings for old phrases), such as “P.R.-mageddon” (BP’s public relations disaster). ($1.99)

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It's like a fun house for your phone! Enlarge your family, your friends, yourself. ($0.99)

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LOL at the cringeworthy posts on this mobile app from Lamebook, an aggregator of Facebook faux pas. Search by categories such as “TMI,” "Parents/Family," "WTFights" and "TypeOhs"! ($0.99)

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A Comedy Classics Video Collection

Nostalgic for classic comedy? Download this app for instant access to the slapstick, the stylish, the screwball . . .  including His Girl Friday and My Man Godfrey, plus reels form Shirley Temple, Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy and more. ($1.99)

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Funny or Die

If you’re a fan of frat-boy humor, download this mobile extension of, the humor website from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. The app features hundreds of videos with guest stars including James Franco, Zach Galifianakis and Steve Carrell. (Free.)

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British Slang 500

Prepping for a trip to the United Kingdom? Want to throw around insults that no American will understand? Download this British slang app and expand your vocabulary with words such as “numpty” (unwise person) and “minger” (filthy-minded person). (Free.)

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Fend off fools with this Mr. T-inspired app, featuring more than 75 audio-clip insults from the tough-guy actor. (Free.)

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18,000 Cool Jokes

Stuck in a social jam during cocktail hour? Need a mid-day pick-me-up? This app can break the tension through a good old-fashioned guffaw. With 18,000 options, you’re bound to find the perfect punch line. ($0.99)

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Have some mindless fun with this audio-altering app. Record a clip and the send it through the larynx of a ghost, turtle or cyborg. Have kids? This “game” will keep them entertained for hours. ($0.99)

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Call Excuses

Humor . . . or public service? You decide! The very idea of this app--which provides sound effects (smoke alarm, crying baby, etc.) to help you get off the phone--cracks us up ($0.99)

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Time flies when you’re popping virtual bubbles. See how fast you can pop with this absurd, addicting game—and perfect time-killer. (Free.)

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Chelsea Handler

Pass the time with comedy queen Chelsea Handler’s mobile app. Watch clips from E!’s Chelsea Lately, shop for books in the mobile store and read Twitter updates from Chelsea herself. (Free.)


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The Lucy Show

Have a "ball" with this app, which brings you The Lucy Show, plus movies, photos and news about the legendary comedy icon. ($0.99)


Get the latest humor stories and more from your favorite magazine/Web site! (Free.)


Check out these LOL-worthy memoirs.


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First Published August 2, 2011

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