Gabby Douglas’s Mom Says She Is a Fighter

One day the world had no clue who Gabby Douglas was. Today the two-time Olympic-gold-medal gymnast is a household name, with millions of fans. Gabby credits her big win to her mother, Natalie Hawkins, who sacrificed everything to help her achieve her dream. At the P&G Family Home in London, MORE sat down with Natalie and learned why Mom is a lioness who will stop at nothing to protect her cubs. Read the edited version of our interview with her below

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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Natalie Hawkins (left), Gabby Douglas (center), Ilyssa Panitz (right)
Photograph: Ilyssa Panitz

More: How are you handling it now?
NH: If I could help another mom—or a dad, for that matter—see what I went through then I am OK. I want them to see the struggles I went through as a single parent and used our loss to keep a roof over my children’s head, which is why I filed for bankruptcy. I needed to save my home. I had to go on medical disability, and my income was drastically reduced. Look, I had to do what I had to do to give my children a home. If something good comes out of this and my story helps others, yeah, I’ll take this hit.

More: You protected them.
NH: I took great pride in purchasing that home. Even though it is only 1,400 square feet, I gave my children a home. We build memories there. I am not ashamed of what I had to do to take care of my kids. They are happy, healthy, productive members of society and, in Gabrielle’s case, two-time Olympic-gold champions. Nothing could fulfill me more, give me more joy or make me happier than that.

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