Giffords Heads Home to Arizona

For a year and a half, the former congresswoman was recovering in Houston

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

After 17 months of rehabilitation in Houston, Gabrielle Giffords is heading back to her hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

The Arizona Daily Star reports the former U.S. representative, who was shot in the head during an assassination attempt last January that left six dead and 13 injured, will be “home for good,” according to her husband, Mark Kelly, a retired astronaut.

“Since the day she basically realized that she was not in Arizona anymore after her injury … very early on, the first stuff she talked about was getting home,” Kelly tells the newspaper. “But it was very important for her to be in Houston, where she was able to get very specific therapy for this type of injury. She did that for a year and a half, and the second we realized that was going to start winding down, it was time for us to start looking forward to how we could get to Tucson.”

Kelly tells the newspaper he thinks his wife, 42, will continue to get better for years to come.

“I have heard anecdotally from other people who have had these kind of injuries, if you remain focused and do the hard work, you will keep improving,” he tells the Daily Star.

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