Bottoms Up! Americans Have 4 Drinks a Week

Gallup survey finds men prefer beer, but women like their wine

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so let’s raise a glass. Or four.

LiveScience reports that a new Gallup survey has found that two thirds of U.S. adults say they consume four alcoholic drinks on average each week.

To break that number down, 34 percent said they had not had a drink in the past week, while 52 percent had one to seven, and 12 percent chugged eight or more, according to the survey.

Beer is the drink of choice (39 percent), followed by wine (35 percent) and liquor (22 percent), LiveScience notes, although 52 percent of women like vino best. 

So, four glasses of wine a week? We’d better catch up. Who’s pouring?

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