Gayle King Loves a Good Bargain

The only thing on Gayle King's mind on July 30, 2011, was spending money! King and a slew of other Hollywood favorites spent the day indulging at the 14th annual Super Saturday event in Watermill, New York. Known as the world’s largest designer garage sale, the event raised over $3.5 million for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and allowed folks such as King to purchase Donna Karan clothes, Jimmy Choo shoes and Kate Spade bags at bargain-basement prices.

Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter

More: What does being at this event mean to you?
Gayle King: Shopping and finding bargains.

More: You like bargains?
GK: I can’t miss a good bargain and I won't pass up a good bargain.

More: This gathering is also about raising money for ovarian cancer research. Have you ever lost anyone to cancer?
GK: Knock on wood, I do not have a personal connection.

More: What do you know about ovarian cancer?
GK: What I do know is it is prevalent, it is deadly and if we can do something to alleviate it, then the more the better.

More: So shopping here will take on a new meaning?
GK: If you are going to spend money and you can do something good in the process, then it is a win-win for everybody.

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First Published August 3, 2011

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