Beauty Tips to Complement Glasses

No need to hide behind your eyewear with these fool-proof makeup tricks.

by Deanna Pai • Beauty/Fashion Assistant
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Photograph: Courtesy of FACE Stockholm

Once all function and no form, glasses have become a hot, statement accessory. Available in an ever-growing array of playful colors and frame shapes, they can flatter the face and add an element of individuality to your look. But sliding on lenses can alter the way your eyes—and your eye makeup—appear. So heed these key makeup tricks for the prettiest effect when you're sporting specs.

1. "Your brows become very important," says Helen Andersson, FACE Stockholm lead educator and national makeup artist, "Make sure they are well-groomed and filled in to 'frame' your frames." An all-in-one compact like Benefit BrowZings ($30; Click to Buy) make clean, flawless brows a cinch.

2. Anderson also suggests using volumizing eyelash formulas instead of those that lengthen, as the latter can smudge onto glasses. Try adding a coat of FACE Stockholm Lash Thickener ($28; Click to Buy) before applying mascara for extra oomph.

3. Glasses tend to exaggerate dark under-eye circles, notes Anderson. So lighten up with a liquid concealer that sets quickly and isn't too creamy, as it can end up on the bottom of the frames. She likes FACE Stockholm Magic Wand ($32; Click to Buy), which is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and has moisturizing ingredients.

4. Lastly, Anderson recommends drawing attention to the lips. A bold color like FACE Stockholm cream lipstick in Spicy ($22; Click to Buy) balances the heaviness of frames so you don't disappear behind them.


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First Published February 13, 2012

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