A “Glee” Star Working for Acceptance

Dot Marie Jones of “Glee” tells us about her latest passion project: A storybook for kids with an important, powerful message.

In a world where celebrities spend millions pampering themselves and flying off to tropical destinations at a moment’s notice, it’s refreshing to hear about those who give back to the community.

Jones, who plays Coach Shannon Beiste, supports Just Like You, an anti-bullying book that educates children about the value of universal acceptance.

“I met author Robert Kroupa at a gifting lounge during the Emmys. He asked if I’d be a representative of the book, and I said, ‘Absolutely.’ It’s just the sweetest story,” Jones tells More.

“I’m part of a show that really focuses on anti-bullying and acceptance,” Jones says. “I’ve gotten letters from kids across the country—and even some adults—that say, ‘You don’t realize how your work [on the show] and your words affect people.’ ” 

On Glee, Coach Beiste is bullied by Jane Lynch’s character, Sue Sylvester, and is ostracized by her fellow teachers. “A few of the [letter writers] said, ‘I never had a seat to sit at at lunch. Everyone was so mean, so I’d sit by myself outside,’ ” Jones adds. 

“A ten-year-old shouldn’t worry about anything but playing. It’s really ridiculous,” she says. “I will lend my name to anything that can help that.”

Proceeds from the book will be donated directly to one of five charities chosen by the buyer.  Just Like You is sold only online through justlikeyoufoundation.org.

First Published January 6, 2012

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