Woman of Interest: Glenn Close

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by David Hutchings
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Photograph: Robert Ascroft/CPI Syndication

Do you have a secret dream? I’ve gotten to do Blanche Du Bois [in A Streetcar Named Desire] and Nellie Forbush [in South Pacific], dream parts I’ve always wanted to do. My first childhood memory of music was looking up at the record spinning on the turntable and hearing Mary Martin sing “Cockeyed Optimist.” But dancing is something I would love to do better. I wish I were a great ballroom dancer.  I think that’s so cool. Or a great swing dancer.

      After we finished filming Jagged Edge, we had one of the great rap parties. Jeff Bridges is a great swing dancer and Mary Kay Place came by for fun, and she’s a great swing dancer and the two of them were just unbelievable. I’ll never forget it. I started in ballet, but you know how opinionated little kids are. I didn’t like those clothes. I also wanted to get on toe as soon as possible but it doesn’t work that way. I remember my teacher, Mr. Olney. He kept calling me Glenna and I hated it. So I told my mom that I didn’t want to go back. But in thinking back, it would probably have been something very good for me to have done because I’m naturally pigeon toed. It might have helped me turn my feet out sooner.

The skin she’s in: I’m very different than I was at 20, but  I don’t think I’ll ever feel like a finished person. Does anyone?  I certainly have learned a great deal about my craft, and I’m very proud of that. I really think of acting as a craft. It’s not about being a star or about anything other than just getting under the skin of somebody who will make an emotional connection with other people. Life is hard for everyone. But I think I’m at a very good time of life. My daughter is grown, I have a wonderful husband, I am very happy in my personal life. And I am professionally very happy. What I like about life now is that there are a lot of possibilities. But I’ll only choose something that will be interesting and challenging and worth leaving home for.

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First Published December 5, 2011

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Ivo 01.24.2012

I don't know why Glenn doesn't just do concerts and tours. She is such a good singer on top of being one of the greatest actors of our time.

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