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The cheapest way to invest in art this year: your clothes. From hats to wedges, these exuberant wearables offer lots of color and a strong statement. When shopping this summer, go for vivid shades rather than reserved black or navy. A pop of orange or splash of cherry instantly makes you look five years younger.

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Building Block Bag

Olivia + Joy canvas tote, $78;

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Wrist Art

Sobral resin bangle,$90;

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Painter's Smock

H&M viscose dress, $60; for stores

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Bright Top

Aldo straw hat,$15;

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Arts & Crafts Hour

Yochi Lucite, wood and gold-plated brass necklace, $96;

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Brushstroke Bottoms

H&M cotton pants,$50; for stores

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Art School Supplies

Diane von Furstenberg polyester pencil and makeup cases, $50 each;

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Bohemian Blouse

Ann Taylor polyester blouse, $68;

Photo by: Jens Mortensen

Color Blocking

Aldo cotton wedges,$90;


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Photo by: Jens Mortensen

First Published April 22, 2011

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Oceana LOTT06.15.2011

Great piece! I would wear this with a monochromatic outfit with a brightly colored hat and shoes.

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