Growing up & Finding Love at 53

by Beverly • Member { View Profile }

The boys were all gone and I was alone for 
the first time in my life.  So I asked myself what do I want to be 
when I grow up. I wanted to drive a limo, so I did for a year,  
enjoyed every second of it and felt proud. My sons seemed to think it was cool. I took 
myself out on dates to dinner, movies, and even to the Nut Cracker 
performance.  I was asked out a few times but I declined. Folk would 
make comments such as, "how are you going to meet someone if you don't go out", or "I was mean", or "you scare men because you are too strong".  I would 
simply say, I know what I want and I will not back away from it even if I have to live alone for the rest of my life.  "I will not look for anyone, God will put me in his path".

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