Growing up & Finding Love at 53

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Six years passed by and I got a bit lonely for the first time.  So I 
decided to put my profile on a couple of sites.  Wrong! Too many predators, so I took it off.
I started to wear hair extensions because I wanted to 
feel more attractive (noottt). A lovely couple at church invited me to dinner as
well as a gentleman.  It was a lovely dinner and that was it, he went his way
and I went mine.  He didn't contact me, and I certainly was not going to contact
him.  My value and worth was firmly in place by now.  I finally got over my lonliness took 
the extensions out, cut my hair really short, and stoped coloring it browns and blondes. I 
said whoever I meet is going to like me with or without extensions. 
Around the end of April my car died, it went "kaputz". So now instead of driving to the Park & Ride to take the bus I would have to take the bus from my home. This meant walking to the street where I would take the bus from one P & R to the other to get to work (hated it). Our transit system Metro has what it calls a shake up every 2 months or so, and it was time at the end of May. 
The new driver was to start after the weekend.
Monday rolled around and we had what I thought was the new 
driver, but turns out he did not start until the next day. On Tuesday we had the new driver who would not pull forward to let us get on early.  It was still cold out and the previous driver would let us get on to keep warm.  So we thought the new driver would do the same but he did not because he was taking his break. So myself and a couple other ladies were going to tell him about it.  When I stepped upon the bus to tell him about himself along with the others, 
before we could finish he had us all laughing. He and I hit it off 
instantly. He would leave the base early just so we could talk during 
his break. The first week I did not go to work on Wednesday because I 
was Ill.  Little did I know that he also drove the 1st bus that I 
needed to get to the park and ride where I thought his route started. He did not know that I would be on his bus on that following Wednesday, nor did I know he was my driver. That was a pleasant surprise for the both of us, however neither of us said anything about it until later on.
So I would see him 3 times a week for about 20 minutes. The connection 
between he and I was that of old friends catching up on life. One day he asked me what was an important question to him.  He asked "if I met someone I was attracted to, would I ask him out". Little did I know how my answer would affect him and what his desire had been for a long time.  I sat up straight crossed my leg with my pointy heels, and said "no I will not, because it's he that finds a wife not she". I also said "I will not ask someone out but what I will do is formally invite you to church". I extended the invitation only once and didn't mention it again. I firmly declared my faith and that I didn't lay and play.  I also made it known to him that I had been celebate for almost 6 1/2 years. He later said these words caused him to take notice.
Thursdays were the end of the week for our seeing each other. I would think about him on Friday but by Saturday I would put him out of my mind on purpose because I had full 
charge of my feelings and did not want anything from him other than a 
friendship, I was a scaredy cat. By Sunday night I would think about him more and was 
excited for Tuesday to roll around because I would get to see him again for 3 
days. Neither of us asked for the other's phone number, to give them, nor did we ask each other's name. I had suspicions as to why he didn't ask what my name was and I was correct. Finally one 
Thursday when I walked upon the bus he said "hi Southern my name is Roger, and I said hi Roger my name is Beverly". He gave me his business card with his number and another for 
me to write mine on (nearly 3 months had past). I had not been at work 3 hours before he texted me 
a sweet message which scared the crap out of me. I thought to myself 

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