Growing up & Finding Love at 53

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"this dude got issues".  Needless to say we talked that Thursday night
for 6 hours, we spent the entire weekend talking on the phone like 
school kids. I felt like a teenager having the time of my life. I of 
course was nervous and really tried to get him to go out with someone 
else but he wouldn't. During one of our phone conversations, he says to me "maybe I'll go to church with you on Sunday."  He was true to his word because he was ready and had been wanting to find a church home.  My church family had him under a microscope. They could see what I couldn't, but of course they liked what they saw in him. Finally the boy test from my sons. The middle child met him first, he liked him and that's a plus because he doesn't like anyone. The youngest met him next but gave him the dagger look as though he was looking into his soul and saying "if you heart my mama I will kill you". This one waited before giving his approval. The second oldest met him and approved (whewuuuuu, sweatin here)he is married to the same woman for 11 years. All of these eyes were safety and wisdom for me.  He has yet to meet the eldest.

Our relationship grew from a wonderful 
friendship such as I have never had with any man to a romance like 
that of an old romantic movie.  He truly courted and honored me and my 6 1/2 years of 
celibacy by vowing that he would never dishonor me by trying to sleep with me. This vow was kept until we were married on March 11, 2011 of which he had never done previously.  We have been married now for 14 months and we have an awesome fun time with each other.  We realize 
being in Christ, developing a friendship, being honest with one another, and remaining 
celibate was THE best. We laugh a lot, wrestle and simply enjoy what God has blessed us with and realize without him it wouldn't be possible.  Our latter days are far better than the former.  No marriage is perfect but I have been blessed with the perfect guy for me.

We both made so many mistakes during our life time, but God has turned our mistakes into stepping stones
The best thing I have ever done is to wait on God, and allow him to keep me because I wanted to be kept. I still
proclaim there is no human on this earth who can love you or take care of you like God can.

Beverly (Roger) Wilkinson



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