Walking MORE’s Half-Marathon: Drink Up!

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by Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN
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Photograph: Tom Young

EZ:  How do coffee, tea, and alcohol stack up when it comes to hydration, especially for those who exercise?

Although they were once thought to dehydrate, coffee and tea have been found to contribute to a person’s fluid status. Alcohol, however, does dehydrate. So a night of heavy drinking before a grueling, intense workout can leave you hydration-challenged.

EZ: What’s your bottom line when it comes to hydrating for sport?

HS: Many of us walk around dehydrated and show up to workout already behind the eight ball. Dehydration hurts our ability to think, perform and feel our best. Being dehydrated can leave us with vague feelings of fatigue and headaches. It’s important to pay attention to what you drink throughout the day. If you pee often and it looks like lemonade, you’re doing a good job. But if you don’t pee often and when you do it looks like apple juice, you need to drink up!

What I completed in Week 5: February 6-12, 2012
Monday: 8-mile walk outside
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: 4.0-mile walk outside
Thursday: 5.2-mile walk outside
Friday: REST
Saturday: 4.0-mile walk on treadmill
Sunday: 3 sets (20 reps each) lunges and squats plus core work (including plank and crunches)

Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN is an award winning registered dietitian, creator of The ZIED GUIDE blog and e-newsletter, the author of Nutrition At Your Fingertips, and co-author of Feed Your Family Right!, and So What Can I Eat?! with Ruth Winter, MS. Visit Elisa at elisazied.com and follow her on Twitter at @elisazied.

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First Published February 2, 2012

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