10 Minutes to Better Sex

These small changes will bring big results in the bedroom. Your body will thank you for it.

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Kiss Your Way to Better Sex

Fact: your lips have more nerve endings than any other part of your body. Dr. Laura Berman, author of Loving Sex: The Book of Joy and Passion suggests taking 10 seconds (or 10 minutes) and locking lips with your partner to establish a romantic mood, everyday. Bonus? It's foreplay you can put to use anywhere.

Get Physical

... Before, you have sex.  In her new book, Vitamin O: Why Orgasms are Vital to a Woman's Health and Happiness, Dr. Natasha Valdez writes that engaging in 20 minutes of physical activity prior to sex can amp up your performance and pleasure quotient. Ladies, dust off that treadmill.

Re-think Lingerie

Swap out those granny panties for a lace set. When you wear the part of seductress, you’ll play the part. Need some inspiration for your shopping list? Check out our picks for the hottest lingerie under $100.

Sensual Seduction

Another informative tidbit from Vitamin O says the best orgasms are the ones in which all your senses are engaged. Studies have found that when you’re lying down, your senses are less, well, sensitive. Just another reason to explore the many options out the standard missionary position.


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First Published April 12, 2011

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