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Healthy Eating

The Trick to Eating Less
What if you were bored with your favorite junk food? The surprising secret to making your diet stick READ
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Anti Aging

Hooked on Injectables
Expert advice on how to use, not abuse, fillers and other aids READ
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Healthy Eating

3 Surprising Ways to Fend Off Inflammation
Losing weight is a healthy start. Here, more options READ
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My Name Is Linda and I'm a Walkaholic
Taking the fitness tracker phenomenon in stride READ
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Perimenopause & Menopause

woman sleep alarm clock morning picture
8 Sleep Solutions for Menopausal Women
Sandman-approved lifestyle strategies for treating minor sleep disturbances READ
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Celebrities, Movies, TV & Music

kim cattrall
Kim Cattrall Opens Up About Menopause and the Wisdom That Comes with Age
She talks to MORE about her own menopause experiences, including her first hot flash READ
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Healthy Eating

30 Belly-Fat-Fighting Recipes
Fight belly fat with these easy recipes! SEE SLIDESHOW
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woods image
Into the Woods: A Daughter Copes with Her Mother's Alzheimer’s
Her mother loved to take long walks—until her mind began to fail and she couldn’t find her way READ
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Breast Lumps, Bumps and Pain: What's Normal and What's Not
Learning to distinguish your breasts' normal lumps is key to your long-term health. Here's how READ
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Healthy Eating

Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan
more magazine ultimate anti aging meal plan
Foods that keep you young and fight disease. Plus, the recipes you need SEE SLIDESHOW
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Perimenopause & Menopause

Diabetes Hits Women Hard at Menopause: Beat It Back
diabetes word image
Women over 50 are more vulnerable to diabetes. Find out why—and how to avoid it—here READ
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Healthy Eating

Healthy Food Choices for Your Busy Schedule
Your best bets for on-the-go breakfasts, desktop lunches and afternoon-slump snacks READ
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Dating, Sex, & Love

Too Stressed for Sex?
Why stress hurts women's sex drives but has the opposite effect on men READ
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Fooling Myself into Fitness
After a lifetime spent avoiding physical activity, a woman finds something to keep her active READ
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Careers & Work

Could Your Boss Have Asperger’s?
aspergers illustration
Penelope Trunk was fired from multiple jobs before learning she had an autism spectrum disorder READ
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Perimenopause & Menopause

When Your Period Goes Haywire
menstrual cycle calendar image
The hormonal imbalance leading up to menopause can cause some unsettling—and surprising—symptoms READ
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Breast Cancer

Angelina Jolie and the Dirty Little Secret of BRCA Breast Cancers
angelina jolie image
The actress was not only at high risk of getting breast cancer... READ
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