Breast Cancer Awareness Is More Than a Pink Ribbon

Being able to read her mother's thoughts and feelings about the disease brings this writer comfort.

By The Editors at The Huffington Post
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While I was growing up, October meant my birthday and my mom's homemade Halloween costumes. When I was 21, it became the month Mom found a lump in her breast. The year I turned 23, it was the month I lost my mother to inflammatory breast cancer.

Every October, much of America is draped in pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But it's not enough to purchase pink kitchen appliances, flip flops, or keychains; we need to look beyond the ribbon and have honest, open talks with the people we love living with this disease.

My mom's lasting gift to her daughters, family and friends was making cancer something you could talk about. She wrote about her journey through breast cancer on a journal she created on, a site created for people battling serious illnesses to share the stories.


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First Published October 3, 2011

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