Beth DuPree: The Good Doctor

Meet the woman who wants to revolutionize breast cancer care

By Melinda Henneberger
Dr. Beth DuPree on her last day of work at the breast cancer hospital she is determined to reopen.
Photograph: Photo by Samantha Appleton

“That the first model [of CBCI] didn’t work because I was working with guys who were only in it to make money,” she shoots back. Whereas in her new venture, the profit motive married to—and here she points to herself—“Miss Altruism” just might be the charm. “I would be willing to educate you any way I can,” she says, and as we leave he invites her to come back someday soon and do just that.

In the hall outside his office minutes later, Casey passes her and calls out, “You’re a damn good saleswoman!”

“I’m an even better surgeon,” she calls back.

“And health care adviser,” she adds under her breath.

NOTE: At press time, we learned that DuPree was unable to reach a deal to buy the facility; she’s now evaluating offers from three local hospitals to duplicate her breast care model on their premises.

Melinda Henneberger is editor-in-chief of She and her mother, Freida Henneberger, have agreed to walk the runway together in DuPree’s 2009 fund-raiser fashion gala, in which all the models have had breast cancer surgery.

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Originally published in MORE magazine, May 2009.

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