Tuesdays with Julie: How Racquetball Partners Battled Breast Cancer

For years, we played racquetball against each other. Breast cancer showed us how to play together.

"We’ll play whenever you want to," I said. Julie didn’t know what the doctors would say after they removed her tumor. So neither of us knew, as we played our last game before her surgery, how long it would be till we whacked that little blue ball around again. I envisioned our postsurgery exercise regime: taking slow, shuffling weekly walks around her neighborhood, probably for the next six months or more.
If she has done any shuffling, I haven’t seen it.
"Let’s try a gentle game today," Julie said, a week after her lumpectomy.
"Are you sure?" I asked, terrified that I might hit her with the ball, that she’d open her incision or that she’d waste what little energy she had on the racquetball court.
"Positive," she said.

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