10 Questions For Women Who Want to Lose Weight

How smart are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2010?

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How SMART are your New Year’s Resolutions? Where is your score?
Over 70 points: Your resolutions are SMART! You are primed to make New Year’s resolutions that you can enjoy achieving. Your greatest efforts should go toward devising an effective mindset and strategies to sustain your desired behavior change. You can feel great about the changes being made and for being a great role model to other women.
Between 50-60 points: You are inclined to make SMART resolutions but don’t have the full conviction of the women in the group above. Most importantly, consider why you might feel ambivalent. Think about how empowering it could be to be proactive in determining your own goals rather than simply following what others suggest. Determine if you are ready to make your own health and well-being something worth investing in. If you feel ready, peruse the resources below to see if any resonate with you.
Below 49 points: You scored in the lower 50th percentile of my SMART quiz. It’s important that you understand what this means. It may mean you do not agree with my perspective, or you aren’t ready to try my SMART principles. Either way, I wish you luck toward the principles you are pursuing.
A lower score might also signify that you haven’t been exposed to these ideas and might just need some time and/or assistance to digest them and leverage their power to enhance your daily quality of life. Only you know where you stand. If these ideas resonated with you, but you scored low, you are ripe for learning and change. Start to think about these ideas, and read the resources below for some suggestions, further education, and/or guidance.
Regardless of which group you fall into, I wish you the inspiration to create a joyful mind and happy body in 2010!
EssentialSteps Phone Coaching with Dr. Michelle Segar. I offer two different phone-based programs for women in midlife. One program teaches women how to develop exercise motivation that sticks and the skills for sustaining physically active lives. The other program teaches women the mindset and skills to make their self-care a priority. They are both developed out of my research and work with women in midlife, and the shift in mindset and new skills can be learned in only 4-sessions by telephone (one hour each) plus a workbook.  See my website for further information: www.essentialsteps.net . Let me know if you have any questions about either program after going to my website.
The Hunger Within (eating behaviors): The Hunger Within is a Michigan-based program (http://www.thehungerwithin.com/workshops.html), developed by Marilyn Migliore, to help women understand the core reasons why they overeat and how to develop healthier relationships with eating and  food. There is a great 12-week self-paced workbook that I have read and recommend (http://www.thehungerwithin.com/).
Health at Every Size (physical activity and eating behaviors) Health at Every Size is a “movement” and an alternative approach to “dieting”. There isn’t an official website but you can check out these URLs: Health At Every Size, Healthy Weight Network; JonRobinson.net.
The New York Times’ fitness writer, Gina Kolata, has written two great books on the research about fitness and dieting.  She  shows that most of what we have been told will work regarding diet and exercise, even by evidence-based programs, does not work in the long run. 1. Ultimate Fitness: The Quest for Truth about Health and Exercise; 2.  Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss—and the Myths and Realities of Dieting. These are not self-help books, but very interesting and well-written.
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