12 Ways Aerobic Exercise Slows Down Aging

Why you should work up a sweat today.
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1. Keeps the body young by lowering the rate at which telomeres (sites at the end of chromosomes on all cells) erode, which means overall body wear and tear happens at a reduced speed.
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2. Lowers blood pressure
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3. Increases heart and lung capacity and heart pumping power
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4. Makes skin look younger (because of improved circulation)
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5. Reduces length of time you experience hot flashes
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6. Cuts your odds of getting ill (some studies suggest that regular exercisers have higher levels of immune cells that can help fight off certain types of cancer)
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7. May raise HDL (good) cholesterol and improve other heart disease risk factors
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8. Normalizes fasting insulin levels (reducing risk of diabetes)
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9. Sharpens your mind (lifelong exercise maintains the size of the hippocampus, where memory resides)
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10. Improves your mood (and fends off depression in some people)
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11. Helps control weight
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12. Improves digestion NEXT:
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