The 2006 MORE Marathon

By Emily Frye
And they're off! The day was gray and cloudy, but smiles were bright and spirits were high at the start of the 2006 MORE Marathon.
Everybody should walk away feeling like, ‘We did it!’ and have the feelings of self-confidence and satisfaction, that are so well-deserved.""It’s never too late to start, and the more you do, the more you can do," said Switzer. As she watched woman after woman cross the line, she added, "Every single one of these women are reducing their rates of osteoporosis and cancer and heart disease, which is our number-one killer. If you can do this you can do anything, and that’s what MORE is all about." Winners and ResultsFirst to cross the line in the marathon was the defending 2005 champion, Susan Loken. Loken, 42, is a mother of three from Phoenix, AZ and won with a time of 2:50:01. After accepting her awards, she thanked her fellow runners for their support on the course, saying, "These women are inspiring. Everybody’s a winner today." Doreen McCoubrie, 44, finished second with a time of 2:52:31. Coming in third was Stephanie Hodge, 40, at 2:57:33. The first-place winners for the half-marathon were Ann Alyanak, 27 and Debbi Kilpatrick-Morris, 42. Their combined time was 2:36:03. Tatiyana Pozdnyakova, 51, and Victoria Ganushina, 26, came in second with their time of 2:37:17. Rounding out the winners’ circle were Stephanie Bylander, 22, and Patty Murray, 40, with a time of 2:38:38. Pozdnyakova was the first place individual winner, with a time of 1:16:07. The 2006 MORE Marathon was generously sponsored by Nivea, Poise, Glaceau Smartwater, the California Raisin Board, the Mauna Lani Resort, Accutron by Bulova and the New York Sports Club.

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