6 Steps in 6 Days to Win the Battle over Boomeritis

6 Steps in 6 Days to Win the Battle over Boomeritis

6 Steps in 6 Days to Win the Battle over Boomeritis
By: Andrea Metcalf, Boomer Fitness Expert
As a specialist in boomer fitness, I’ve found that my clients not only need direction on practical weekly fitness goals, but they also need daily reminders about the little steps they can take to improve their physical aging process. Here are six simple steps I encourage boomers to incorporate into their daily routine – in just six days you will feel comfort for all those joint aches and pains:
Practice Anti-Inflammatory Living.
You can reduce inflammation and pain with diet and nutritional supplements. This includes a diet of lean proteins, fresh fruits & vegetables and nutritional supplements such as, Elations, a refreshing fruit-flavored glucosamine and chondroitin drink. When taken daily it can help relieve joint discomfort in just six days! Learn more at www.elations.com.
Do Two Yoga Poses.
Tree pose and downward dog really help balance your body. Yoga in general helps calm the body, the Tree pose (standing on one leg, place left foot on the inside of the right leg with hands in a prayer position at chest) helps strengthen the lower body and core while the downward dog (hands on ground out in front with hips high and heels down) helps stretch the hamstrings and lower back.
Get Moving.
At least 10 minutes after each meal or three times a day.  Everyone needs regular exercise; which helps keep your muscles toned and joints happy.
Stretch on all Fours.
A great move on all fours is the "pointer."  This move done on hands and knees involves one arm reaching forward and the opposite leg reaching back.  Hold for at least 4 counts and repeat on the other side.  This move helps strengthen the core and the back for better posture.
Make sure you are getting your five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. They contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect you from chronic diseases and help you maintain your weight. Go to www.fruitsandveggiesmatter.gov for helpful tips on how you can get your daily servings.
Only Six Hours a Night.
The days of eight hours of sleep per night for good health are gone. Proper rest and recovery aids the body’s ability to rebuild and rejuvenate, but sleeping longer than 7 hours can be detrimental to your health. Studies have shown that adults who sleep six to seven hours a night live longer.


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