How To Improve Heart Health

Physical activity decreases the potential for being overweight and lowers stress, cholesterol levels. 

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If you, or someone you know has already been diagnosed with heart disease and needs additional support, experts recommend that you consider working with an in-home care agency who can provide services for chronic conditions, like Homewatch CareGivers. Homewatch CareGivers provides support for those living with heart disease through personalized care plans that encourage commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Specific services include assistance with grocery shopping and meal preparation to promote a low sodium, heart healthy diet, Remote Care Technology to monitor important health measure such as weight, blood pressure and oxygen levels, personal grooming assistance, housekeeping, errands, and transportation to and from appointments. 

Safety is an important consideration when exercising for a healthy heart. “You can gradually increase what you are doing, if you are cleared by a physician and you know the risk factors,” she said. “Take an individualized approach for the greatest success.”

To learn more about the connection between obesity and heart disease, read this recent article by Homewatch Caregivers.

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