Fitness Trends

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Fitness Trends

 The most popular trends are the fusion style programs that blend the best of yoga and 
spinning, or pilates and strength… these approaches keep the interest of the 
participant and yield a more personalized approach to fitness.
 pros – keeps your interest and builds better balance through a "cross training effect" 
of hitting muscles differently than the same muscle patterns; also can find lots of these 
types of classes on video now.  Check for reviews and information.

However,there are so many NEW classes on the market… drums alive, kettlebells, Latin 
Dance (Zumba), Hoopnotica (hula hoop) BUT  online programs are not only becoming more 
popular and are showing great success with the online user.  Some are free and some cost 
$$ but tried and true if the you gets engaged they will find success.  To mention a few:,,, and FREE programs too like 
Fitness Magazine has an eblast for losing weight, Mission Foods has an eblast for living 
a balanced life through fitness and nutrition, USA Today’s online weight loss challenege,’s tips and tricks and Go to my website and fill out the contact form 
with NEW YOU and I will send you a 30 day workout, shopping list and menu plan from my 
upcoming book: ALL FREE!
pros – they are minimal cost and only a laptop away
cons – you have be digital to utilize; if you don’t have access to a computer and the 
library is your only access, you will find it hard to have success with these

What’s surprising for people to learn about these fitness trends or exercising in general 
is that we are re-marketing fitness to find something that the consumer will like and 
engage in~ that being said, there will always be on more products, classes, or  an 
instructor that hits a chord in the public and they will jump into it!  Which is great as 
long as it gets people moving and out of their chairs.  Once you find something that is 
fun, it no longer becomes a chore but a part of your routine.  AND another interesting 
tidbit, I believe many people do not exercise because of the time they perceive it takes 
to get better health and a better body.  Ten minutes is my magic number and I don’t even 
have to leave the house.  I set the kitchen timer and dance, speed clean or run the 
stairs on the days I know I won’t make it to the gym~we are all multi-tasking more than 
ever-me too!

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