Funniest Running Shirts

Show off your sense of humor and style with these chuckle-worthy tees.

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Will Run for Wine

What? It contains antioxidants ($35;

Running High Tees

Fast Girls Have Good Times

A valid explanation for your awesome personal record ($30;

Gone For a Run

Running…Because Dieting is not an Option

At least you’re honest ($34;

Running T Shirts Online

Not Tonight Honey…I’ve Got to Race in the Morning

Running: The new headache ($24;

Gym Skinz

And on the Seventh Day God Did an Easy Three

Even the man upstairs needs an active recovery day ($34;

Running T Shirts Online

I Run So I Can Eat

Justify your post-race calorie splurge with this cute cotton t-shirt ($20;

Gone For a Run

If Your Relationship Still Works…You Could Be Training Harder

Sometimes husbands just don’t understand ($22;

Gym Skinz

I Thought They Said “Rum”

Because admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery ($26;

One More Mile

Badass Mother Runner

A spunky long-sleeve tee from the authors of Run Like a Mother, which the New York Times dubbed “a bible for active parents” ($35;

Run Like a Mother

Pain Now, Wine Later

Better than whining and dining, right? ($25;

Gone For a Run

This Seemed Like a Good Idea 3 Months Ago

For the woman who’s having second thoughts ($26;

One More Mile

I Traded Sex in the City for Running in the Suburbs

Left your Carrie Bradshaw days in the dust? Remind fellow runners that you were once a glamour girl ($20;

Gone For a Run

You Just Got Chicked

The next time you whiz past a male runner, rub a little salt in the wound with this sweat-wicking, trash-talking technical tee  ($30;


Running is Cheaper Than Therapy

Who needs Zoloft when you’ve got two feet? ($26;

One More Mile

Who Fartlek’d?

If you don’t get this joke, you haven’t been doing your speedwork! ($24;

Gym Skinz

Leave Me Alone, I’m Tapering

Co-workers wondering why you’re grumpy? Sport this temperature-regulating v-neck during race week ($35;

Gifted Runner

Will Run for Margaritas

Pick your poison: Shirt options include beer, chocolate, coffee, ice cream and wine ($26;

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One More Mile

First Published January 13, 2011

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