Get Sharon Stone's Body

Here’s the workout that keeps the star in shape.

Interview by Amy Wallace

Sharon Stone, MORE’s June 2010 cover star, is devoted to sweating. Pilates is her chosen method of getting her heart rate up. But because she’s Sharon Stone, it’s an intensive version of the exercise; she jokes that it should be called Extreme Sports Pilates. Stone likes her Pilates instructor, Anne Winfree, so much that the two are writing a book together, Built from the Inside Out. In this web exclusive, Winfree gives details of the workout that keeps the star in shape.

“We began working out together about a year and a half ago,” says Winfree. "Sharon had done some Pilates before, but she’d had a big exercise break of a couple of years when I met her.

“In Pilates, you’re able to work harder with less fatigue. The goal is always to do a full body workout. Every move should be about stretch and strength. We shoot for five times a week, an hour each time. She loves her workouts. But she is a mom, so sometimes it’s three or four. Life lets us do what we can.

"We start by working up from her legs. She gets on the Reformer, which looks like a bed. We want to get the glutes and inner thighs going. Basically she does a modified squat, lying on her back. This move targets the hamstrings and core more than traditional squats.

"Then we get more specific. We do every kind of ab exercise you can possibly think of, 8 to 10 repetitions each time. Sharon, like a lot of women, has limitations in her neck and upper body, so sometimes we rest those muscle groups. Upper-body exercises in Pilates are similar to a lat pull variation. We target the biceps and triceps.

"Then it’s fun/play time. A lot of our next exercises come out of yoga: plank, down dog. We do exercises on a jump board, which are the only cardiovascular exercises in Pilates. You’re on your back, jumping in that position—it’s a squat-jump.

"Sharon is a really strong woman and a very passionate person. She definitely wants to be working as hard as she can. She’s driven; she’ll try anything. It’s a team effort.

"A big part of it goes beyond the physical. As her body gets stronger, her mind gets stronger. You are not only more grounded in your muscles but also in your emotions. There’s this clarity that comes. She’s talked about making decisions more clearly and living in a more productive way.

"We’ve just started working on the book. We’re envisioning 10 to 12 small chapters. We’re seeing it as more than full body and full mind—it’s also the room you wake up in, how you’re maintaining yourself in every situation, nutrition and fitness and organization. And taking care of your beauty routine as well."

To visit Anne Winfree’s website, click here.
Read Amy Wallace’s cover story on Sharon Stone in the June 2010 issue of MORE, on newsstands May 25.

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