Half Marathon Q: Is Coffee OK?

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Q: Is it ok to drink coffee before I run?

A: If you’re already a java junkie, it’s not only ok, it may also boost your performance, says Susan M. Kleiner, PhD, RD, owner of High Performance Nutrition. The caffeine jolt will make your workout feel easier, so you can train harder for a longer period of time, increasing your endurance. And you don’t need much to get a performance-enhancing benefit: 1.3 mg per pound body weight should do it. If you weigh 150 pounds, that’s only 195 mg of caffeine. The average 8 oz. cup of brewed coffee contains 80-100. However, if you’re not a caffeine-user or you’re trying to get off the wagon, then I don’t recommend starting to drink coffee before your runs, says Kleiner.

For more sports-nutrition tips from Kleiner, follow her blog at drskleiner.com.

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