Half Marathon Q: What Do I Eat?

Expert answers to your most pressing training and racing concerns.

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Q: How should my diet change while I’m training?

A: To find out, take an assessment of where you are currently, says Lauren Antonucci, RD, a board certified sports dietitian and the owner and director of Nutrition Energy. For three to five days write down everything you eat. Each day your overall diet should have two to three sources of lean protein, at least three servings of fruit and three to five servings of vegetables. Make sure you’re getting healthy fats, such as those found in avocado and olive oil, too, says Antonucci. “They decrease inflammation and are good for overall health and endurance training.” Most importantly, don’t ditch the whole-wheat pasta. “Quality carbohydrates—from fruits, vegetables and whole grains—should be the foundation of every meal,” says Nancy Clark, RD, a Boston-based sports dietitian and author of Food Guide for New Runners. “They fuel the muscles.”

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