Half-Marathon Training: Week 9

This week, try striders to increase your speed.

By Alyssa Shaffer
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Plan developed by Mindy Solkin, owner and head coach of The Running Center in New York City.

Congratulations! You’re halfway through your program and making amazing gains with each and every workout. We’re ready to introduce some speed training into your workouts. Speed drills not only help you run faster, they also help you finish feeling stronger.

This week, we’ll be doing striders, which include several short bursts of speed followed by a comfortably hard pace to allow you to catch your breath and recover. Focus on taking faster steps to increase your speed.

Tuesday: Striders

Total distance: 3 to 4 miles

Warm up for 1 mile at a moderate pace (70% to 75% intensity), and then take a short break (just a couple of minutes) to catch your breath and let your heart rate come down. When you can breathe comfortably, do the following speed exercises (you’re repeating the burst/recovery 4 times). Don’t stop between each interval; you’re aiming to run continuously.

Run 30 seconds fast (90% to 95% effort, pretty much as hard as you can) while staying in control. You can’t speak at all at this level. Then run 60 seconds at a moderately hard level (80% to 85%; you’re able to catch your breath a little but are still working hard).

Run 30 seconds fast/60 seconds moderately hard.

Run 30 seconds fast/60 seconds moderately hard.

Run 30 seconds fast/60 seconds moderately hard.

Finish by running at a moderate pace (70% intensity) for about 1 mile.

Total weekly distance: 14 to 15 miles

Week 9 Training Calendar

Monday Off
Tuesday Run 3-4 miles with striders (see above)
Wednesday Off
Thursday Run 5 miles (70% intensity)
Friday Off
Saturday Run 6 miles (75% intensity)
Sunday Off



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Originally published on MORE.com, January 2009.

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