Half-Marathon Walk/Run: Week 11

This week you’ll be running more than you’re walking — give it a try!

By Alyssa Shaffer
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Plan developed by Mindy Solkin, owner and head coach of The Running Center in New York City.

You’ve been doing a great job combining your walk/run intervals, and by now the running portion should be feeling pretty comfortable. You’re ready to step things up — this week, for the first time, you’ll be running longer than you’re walking. You can do it! Just remember to keep your intensity at a moderately high pace; fast enough that you’re feeling challenged but not so fast that you can’t maintain it for the full five-minute interval. By the time you’ve finished your long walk/run, you’ll have run the equivalent of a full hour!

Workout 1: Tuesday, Thursday

Walk: 3 minutes (60% intensity, or about a 13:00 pace; you could sing the National Anthem with some breathing breaks)

Run: 5 minutes (70% intensity, or about a 11:30 pace; you can talk in sentences)

Repeat 8 times.

Total time: 64 minutes

Total distance: About 5.2 miles (1.8 miles walking; 3.4 miles running)


Workout 2: Saturday

Walk: 3 minutes (55% intensity, or about a 15:00 pace; you could sing the National Anthem)

Run: 5 minutes (65% intensity, or about a 12:00 pace; you could sing but with some breathing breaks)

Repeat 12 times.

Total time: 1 hour and 36 minutes

Total distance: About 7.4 miles (2.4 miles walking; 5 miles running)


Monday Off
Tuesday Walk/Run 1 hour, 4 minutes
Wednesday Off
Thursday Walk/Run 1 hour, 4 minutes
Friday Off
Saturday Walk/Run 1 hour, 36 minutes
Sunday Off

Total weekly distance: About 17.8 miles



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