Half-Marathon Walk/Run: Week 7

This week, make one of your runs 20 minutes longer to build up your stamina for the big race.

By Alyssa Shaffer
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Plan developed by Mindy Solkin, owner and head coach of The Running Center in New York City.

There are two different workouts to follow this week. In the first one, you’ll increase your running segment, so you’ll be walking and running an equal amount of time. The second workout introduces the idea of a longer walk/run. "In order to go the full 13, you need to get used to staying out there for at least three to four hours," notes Solkin.

Workout 1: Tuesday, Thursday

Walk: 3 minutes (55% intensity, or about a 15:00 pace)

Run: 3 minutes (65% intensity, or about a 12:00 pace)

Repeat 7 times.

Total time: 42 minutes

Total distance: About 3.15 miles (about 1.4 miles walking; 1.75 miles running)


Workout 2: Saturday

Because you’re going about 20 minutes longer, bring your intensity levels down for each of the walk/run intervals.

Walk: 4 minutes (50% intensity, or about a 17:00 pace)

Run: 2 minutes (60% intensity, or about a 12:30 pace)

Repeat 9 times.

Total time: 54 minutes

Total distance: About 3.6 miles (about 2.2 miles walking; 1.4 miles running)


Monday Off
Tuesday Walk/Run 42 minutes
Wednesday Off
Thursday Walk/Run 42 minutes
Friday Off
Saturday Walk/Run 54 minutes
Sunday Off

Total weekly distance: About 10 miles



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