Heart-healthy Half-Marathon Training: Week 3

Nadia learns that picking the best shoes isn't easy.

By Nadia Jones • Go Red for Women Blogger
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I just completed week three of my half-marathon training and everything has been going great so far.  I started the week by heading to one the local running stores of in my city to get fitted for proper training shoes.  My trainer made it clear that marathon runners need good, solid shoes in order to keep our legs healthy during training.  In the last few years I’ve had some issues with my right knee so that was my immediate concern. We discussed this at my first session and my trainer thought that my knee would probably do well provided that I had the proper shoes and learned to run properly.  He recommend I do a foot diagnostic to make sure I have the right shoes.

So off I went, last Saturday, to get fitted for my shoes.  It turned out to be  much more involved than I anticipated. First, I had to do a foot diagnostic that showed my pronation type.  From my understanding, my pronation is determined by  the arch of my foot and how my foot lands on impact.To help determine my pronation type,  I stood on what looked like a very advanced scale that took an imprint of my feet.  

After that, I ran on a treadmill that took the “gait analysis” of my feet while I ran.  The treadmill had a small video camera attached to the bottom that captured a frame-by-frame video of my run.  I ran for 30 seconds and then we watched the results together.   After we watched the video, we went over a few tips on my gait and then discussed the type of shoe that would the right fit.   I had a chance to try several shoes made for my type of gait and pronation type and even took them for a run on the sidewalk outside the store.  I settled on the right pair and after about an hour later, I was all done.  

I was so excited for my first run in my new shoes.  I definitely felt the difference right away. Not only was I more aware of how I ran, but I could feel how the shoes helped me run more efficiently. And   I was starting to feel like a real runner with a pair of snazzy new shoes to match.

Unfortunately, my week did not end as a great as it started.  On Thursday, my daughter was sent home from school feeling ill.  Friday she tested positive for the flu and by Saturday morning I was in bed for almost the entire weekend with the worst cold ever.   I didn’t run for four days but finally dragged myself out for a run today.   This week I add an extra mile to my run so let’s hope I’m able to do that without too much of a struggle.  Wish me luck!

Nadia Jones is a recovering lawyer, mother of three, blogger at Mamalaw.com, and co-founder of Blogaliciousweekend.com. She's a Go Red for Women supporter.


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First Published February 17, 2011

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