Heart-healthy Half-Marathon Training: Week 5

In this new blog, Florida lawyer Nadia Jones, a survivor of congestive heart failure, details her progress in training for the More/Fitness Half-Marathon. This week:  Nadia talks about her tune-up race.

By Nadia Jones • Go Red for Women Blogger
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Acing my Mid-Term!

There are only three weeks left before the big race in NYC. (YAY, so excited!!).  As part of my training, I was scheduled to participate in a 15k race, The Gate River Run. I was pretty nervous about the Gate since I had yet to run any races and it was a whopping 9.3 miles. YIKES! I kept referring to the race as my mid-term exam because if I did well on the mid-term, surely I would do well on the final, right? 

Training was starting to get a little tricky since the longer I ran the more time it took out of my day.  Some days, fitting a 1.5 hour run, in addition to work, homework with three kids and life seemed impossible but I kept on truckin’.  I was not going to give up and I certainly was not going to let something like time get in the way of me meeting one of my goals. 

One evening, after coming home from my longest run, my four year old accused me of “running away.”  This was so funny to the entire family that every time I went training, we would refer to it as “mommy running away” again.  As the date of my mid-term approached, I started to get my pre-test jitters. Would I be able to run the entire time? Would I finish in decent time?  And then, yikes—9.3 miles!! I had yet to run eight miles, let alone nine!  I knew that the my training schedule intentionally was set up to save my longest runs for the 15k and the half marathon so this eased my nerves a bit. 

After talking with friends that had run the Gate before, my nerves were calmed and I was once again excited. Soon it was the night before the race and hubby and I took the kids to an expo fair to celebrate the race. There were over 100 different vendors, activities for the entire family and a feast full of carbs and salads for everyone. The kids had a blast and they could feel the energy air. We ended the night with the kids making me a big sign for the finish line, one that included a picture of me “running away” with my luggage.

On the morning of, we packed up the kiddos bright and early and we were off! As I started the race I felt so many different emotions. I was excited, nervous, proud and nostalgic. I kept thinking of my family cheering me on with their sign. Not only was I running for them, but also for myself.  Right under two hours later, I finished the race. I was so happy. I had met my goal of finishing in under two hours!  I was able to run the entire time and my confidence in the quickly approaching half marathon came back.   Only three more weeks before the big final and I’m feeling pretty good about it!!

Nadia Jones is recovering lawyer turned happy law professor, mother of three, blogger at Mamalaw.com, co-founder of Blogaliciousweekend.com and   Go Red For Women blogger and supporter.


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First Published March 15, 2011

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ted 03.18.2011

Nadia, I enjoyed reading about your goal. I reached this site by a blind GOOGLE search with marathon and CHF. I am a male who had an episode of CHF 2-1/2 years ago. I started walking daily and now am up to 8 miles per day. Seven months ago I started jogging and have entered a 5K race on April 2nd which is my first official road race. My goals are somewhat more modest than yours but I hope do monthly 5K races this year and eventually work up to a fairly well known 15K race in July of 2012.
Good Luck,

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