Heart-healthy Half-Marathon Training: Week 6

In this new blog, Florida lawyer Nadia Jones, a survivor of congestive heart failure, details her progress in training for the More/Fitness Half-Marathon. This week: Nadia gets star-struck.

By Nadia Jones • Go Red for Women Blogger
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Running With the Stars

The big race is less than a week away! I am super excited to participate and am so happy that I have been able to keep up with the training these last three months. I was initially worried that life would get in the way or that I would give up. But perseverance and my stubborn determination prevailed! These last few weeks my knees have been giving me some issues as I completed my longer runs. Although I am a little worried I may not be able to run the entire 13.1 miles, I am perfectly okay with the idea of running more than half and walking a few miles. I was able to do the 15k a few weeks ago with no issues so I am hopeful.

I am also excited because while watching The View last week, Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced that she will also be running and raising money for a national charity. I am a big fan of the View and have my DVR set to record it daily. Wouldn’t it be great if I could snap a picture of Elisabeth and me? I could also tell her about my MISSION to run in support of the Go Red For Women movement, which is fighting heart disease – the #1 killer of women.

Since suffering from postpartum congestive heart failure after the birth of my second child, I learned the importance of making important, and permanent, lifestyle changes for the benefit of my now weakened heart. My cardiologists stressed that a strong heart comes with eating right, reducing stress levels and doing plenty of cardiovascular exercise—of which I’ve had plenty of lately!

As my training comes to an end, I am thankful for all the new friends I’ve met along the way. I have several co-workers who have been running for years so they’ve been giving me tips and encouragement along the way. Through social media I’ve also met many new friends. I’ve been sharing my race prep on Twitter and have come across other "Tweeps" that are also new to running as well as folks that run several races a year. It’s been great to join in the conversation and I now belong to a #momsrunning list on Twitter. I’ve enjoyed sharing my progress with these ladies and learning about theirs. And truthfully, they are also stars in my book. Any mom who can juggle work, family, training and everything else is not just a star, but a super star! I’m also planning on Going Red on race day to encourage women to begin making healthy changes in their lives. Will you join me?!

Nadia Jones is recovering lawyer turned happy law professor, mother of three, blogger at Mamalaw.com, co-founder of Blogaliciousweekend.com and Go Red For Women blogger and supporter.


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First Published March 30, 2011

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sandy may03.31.2011

It is a bit discouraging to want to get fit after 60....seems everything is geared to younger women :(

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