My MORE Half-Marathon Challenge, Week 18: These Boots Are Made For Walking

Nancy discovers the similarities of weddings and half-marathons.

by Nancy Berk • Guest Writer
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Packing dilemmas...

This week I traded my running shoes for cowboy boots when my husband Ron and I headed west for a special wedding. There’s something magical and inspiring when friends reunite to celebrate the next generation. And it’s endless fun when old friends are still the life of the party. So you can imagine my conflict. These events interfere with training on so many levels. First, there’s baggage restrictions-- My sneakers weigh more than boots, and if I include them, then I must exclude cute shoes and purses. Then there’s the social obligations-- Do I meet the gang for breakfast or skip it for a run? NO, I can’t get up early to exercise because I got in so late it was already early! And when the hosts are Texas foodies, you have no choice but to experience their 3 major food groups which appear to be beef (best brisket I’ve ever had), beef (ribs Fred Flintstone would appreciate), and starch (homemade tortillas taste even better after fresh lime juice margaritas. Hold the salt please, I’m training for a half-marathon.).

Upon returning to Pittsburgh for detox and reflection, I realized weddings and half-marathons have a lot in common...

  • They both require commitment and knowing when you need to compromise.
  • The night before the big day you can eat carbs and not feel guilty about it.
  • Wardrobes often include a polyester base...Spanx or Spandex.
  • There’s always someone younger, faster, and fitter than you on the guest list.
  • Once it’s over, all you want to do is take your shoes off.

Sure, marathons take true grit, but Dallas wedding brunches have true grits (with vats of butter). And so, after this beautiful wedding and as I approach the half-marathon, I take great comfort in the power of amazing friendships and fabric that stretches. Okay boots, now walk...and run.

Nancy Berk, a clinical psychologist, humorist, & co-host of Whine At 9. See her new college video clip,‘twas the Night Before SATs. Follow her journey on Twitter.


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First Published January 31, 2011

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