My (Reluctant) Fitness Makeover

Life was good! Nachos for lunch. Cocktails before dinner. Spinach dip at midnight. Exercise, never. Here's how my day of reckoning arrived—and a workout-phobe became a new woman.

by Judith Newman
judith newman picture
Photograph: Brian Finke

Have I changed my habits? I think so. I am never, ever going to be cooking three balanced, small, tasty meals a day for myself, so the transition to eating on my own versus accepting deliveries is difficult. But I make a point of eating something with a little protein in it three times a day, whether it’s a bit of peanut butter in the morning or my current favorite, a shake containing Dr. Morrison’s Daily Benefit Daily Detox Powder, a 160-calorie rice-based cinnamony concoction. (For stores, go to daily? And I’m continuing with a trainer. Now that this is on my own nickel, I’ve strong-armed a friend into joining me for a group session, cutting costs and reducing my chances of being bored.

I think I can live like this. I am cautiously optimistic. But ask me in a year.

There was one goal, though, that I am very happy was attained. This weekend, Zach reported, he and M. told each other, “I love you.”

How The Numbers Changed
Waist: 33.5 in. -> 33 in.
Hips: 40 in. -> 38 in.
Thigh: 22 in. -> 19.5 in.
Weight Loss: -> 15 lb.

To see Judith's exercise routine click here.

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