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Jen loses 50+ pounds and runs her first MORE half marathon

by andrea metcalf
Are you ready to run?
Photograph: Jennifer Weese

I think that day was one of those moments for me. (I’m crying now writing this). I can’t totally explain all the emotion of it. I’m sure you of all people know where I"m coming from. It was almost euphoric. I felt like I was floating through the race instead of run-jo-walking it (my term for racing :))  I cried when I got home and was filing away my bib #, thinking about how some day my great grandkids will be looking through that notebook and seeing my numbers and looking at my

medals and photos and wondering what they will think and hoping that all of it will  mean something to them.

Maybe I’m a  sentimental old fart, maybe I"m just crazy, but I wanted to try to tell you about that day

and what it meant to me. I don’t think I can ever totally communicate to anyone how it really felt. Emotion isn’t

really something you can put into words is it? I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I’d be doing half marathons in my 50’s but here I am and there I go. I run in Philly tomorrow and might have a new PR!

This holiday season, remember your loved ones, be thankful for your memories and do something to make your heart sing.  You are never too old to try and never to old to begin.  Start with taking the first step.


Andrea Metcalf is author or Naked Fitness, Vanguard Press.  Pre-orders are available on line at Barnes and Noble and

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