Avoid These Foods at the Grocery Store!

Wellness guru Michael Roizen says you can judge a food based on its label.

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Michael Roizen, MD, chief wellness officer and chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and co-author of You: Staying Young suggests steering clear of food that includes any of these ingredients among the first five listed on the nutrition label (don’t count those ingredients listed within parentheses):

1. Saturated fat. It comes from four-legged creatures as well as palm and coconut oil, and clogs up your arteries.

2. Trans fats. Generally referred to as partially hydrogenated oils, they change the fats in the membranes surrounding your cells, which renders them less functional.

3. Simple sugars. Usually identified with a word that ends in “ose,” such as dextrose.  “This and the next two ingredients quickly turn into sugar in your bloodstream, which can affect the lining of your blood vessels, potentially leading to atherosclerosis,” Roizen says.

4. Syrups. Think maple, corn, similar products.

5. Any grain except 100% whole grain.

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Julia Pfaff02.08.2013

Ironically, this article appeared after the long and very informative article about not how saturated fat isn't the problem we once believed. One of the take aways from that article was to focus on the food not the nutrient.
On another point-- as far as syrups are concerned if your are going to buy it buy the expensive real syrup. You will use less and get trace minerals. Besides it tastes better.

Sara Vance04.08.2011

Not all saturated fat is bad for you. Read this interesting article:

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