Eat healthier for the week and lose 5 pounds

Eat healthier in less time. Follow these simple meal suggestions and find 30 minutes to exercise – results may be five pounds or more.

Healthy LIfestyle Andrea Metcalf

Dinner –
Grilled Chicken breast
1 cup romaine salad with dressing
1/2 cup broccoli

Day 5 – Snack – 1 banana
Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled, 8 cherry tomatoes use rest of asparagus chopped

Snack – Small yogurt

Lunch – Salad mixed greens, one cup 1/4 chopped red pepper, 4 oz chicken breast dressing Lite Zesty Italian.

Dinner – Polenta Chili ( I promise you are done with the chili now!) Side salad if needed 1-2 cups of romaine with side dressing

Day 6 –
Breakfast – Yogurt one cup, 1/2 pint blueberries, 3.5 walnuts
1 Elations drink

Snack – Small yogurt

Lunch – Salad 1 cup with 1/3 red pepper, 1/2 chicken breast, and dressing.

Dinner – Grill the filet to your liking
Finish vegetables – should have enough broccoli and beans left or a small amount of each.

It’s not that hard and no meal takes more than 15 minutes to make.  Get started today and enjoy eating healthier.
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