Eat Less Red Meat for Better Heart Health

Switch red meat from lead player into a supporting role and you’ll cut fat, trim calories, and disease-proof yourself. Here’s how to do it deliciously.

By Marge Perry
"When eaten in place of a protein that is high in saturated fat, however, there is some heart benefit to be had from soy," he notes, "because you’re avoiding extra saturated fat." Choose the Better Beef"The healthiest cuts of beef end in the word loin — think tenderloin and sirloin," La Puma says. "These have the least saturated fat and the most protein per ounce."Swap Beef for PoultryWho knew? Duck breast has a meaty flavor and texture similar to beef, but far less saturated fat and fewer calories. It’s a great way to wean yourself off red meat. Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good too.Treat Meat as a Condiment A stir-fry is the classic way to treat beef as a flavorful add-on rather than a meal’s centerpiece. The secret to making less meat feel and taste like more is to cook it with mushrooms and soy sauce; the savory umami flavor extends the sensation of meatiness. Noodles, rice, and vegetables pick up that meaty flavor, so every bite delivers umami pleasure, without additional fat. Another fool-your-palate approach is to make meat the topping of a salad.Plate It Properly "When you do choose to eat red meat, slice it thinly on an angle and fan it out on the plate to help it feed your eye and fill the plate," La Puma suggests. Serve vegetables alongside, and take alternate bites. "Your pleasure will last longer, you’ll taste the meat more clearly, and you’ll end up satisfied with less." Originally published in MORE magazine, September 2006.

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