Heart-healthy Foods that Override Bad Genes

Does heart disease run in your family? Beat bad genes with these raw foods.

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Here’s a simple way to reverse your genetic heart disease risk: Eat more salads. When Canadian researchers evaluated 27,243 people, they found that among those who had the 9p21 gene—which is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and heart disease—the ones who ate a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables had a heart attack risk that was comparable to those with a low-risk genotype. On the other hand, high-risk study participants who ate a diet low in raw produce had a higher risk of heart attack or heart disease. “Our research suggests there may be an important interplay between genes and diet in cardiovascular disease,” sayslead author Ron Do, who conducted this research as part of his PhD research at McGill University in Montreal and is now based at the Center for Human Genetics Research at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “Future research is necessary to understand the mechanism of this interaction, which will shed light on the underlying metabolic processes that the 9p21 gene is involved in.” To protect your ticker, the American Heart Association recommends eating three to four servings of vegetables and four servings of fruit daily. 

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First Published October 18, 2011

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