Smart Snacks From Weight Watchers® Cheese

Weight Watchers® Cheese wants to help you choose smart snacks that will satisfy your taste buds without sabotaging your goals. One great snack backed up by the USDA is low-fat dairy. It is a good source of protein that can help keep you fuller longer while providing calcium and important nutrients. So the next time you need a snack, try some of our low-fat dairy products in one of these delicious recipes. 

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Baked Mozzarella Sticks with Spicy Tomato Dipping Sauce from Weight Watchers® Cheese

Love mozzarella sticks but hate all the fat and calories? Here’s a better-for-you option with all the cheesy flavor of the traditional snack at just 4 PointsPlus® value per serving – try it with Weight Watchers® Original, Smoked or new Jalapeño string cheese.


Recipe: Baked Mozzarella Sticks with Spicy Tomato Dipping Sauce

Courtesy of Weight Watchers®

Mango Black Bean Salsa with Jalapeño String Cheese from Weight Watchers®

The next time you need a flavorful snack or party appetizer, look no further than this recipe. Its combination of sweet, spicy and savory ingredients and the different textures of the fresh fruit and veggies, black beans and new Weight Watchers®  Jalapeño String Cheese is sure to hit the spot.


Recipe: Mango Black Bean Salsa with Jalapeño String Cheese 

Courtesy of Weight Watchers®

Smoked Salmon Wraps from Weight Watchers® Cheese

Who needs a bagel when you can spread some Weight Watchers® Garlic and Herb Cheese wedge on a tortilla and roll up some luscious smoked salmon and other fresh ingredients for a smart, easy lunch?


Recipe: Smoked Salmon Wraps 

Courtesy of Weight Watchers®

Southwestern Salad from Weight Watchers® Cheese

Here’s a salad for you Tex-Mex fans – it’s got chips, avocado and lime, black beans and corn, Weight Watchers® Cheddar Cheese Sticks, crunchy lettuce and more helping you satisfy your cravings for a reasonable 7 PointsPlus® value per serving.


Recipe: Southwestern Salad

Courtesy of Weight Watchers®

Cheesecake Lollipops from Weight Watchers® Cheese

Yum – who could resist a chocolate ganache-covered cheesecake lollipop? For 5 PointsPlus® value per pop, you don’t have to! We promise they taste as good as they look.


Recipe: Cheesecake Lollipops

Courtesy of Weight Watchers®

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