The "Change?" I Think I'll Sit This One Out

"Menopause, the Musical" scared the heck out of me.

Last week a friend took me to see “Menopause The Musical.”

I was told it was a musical comedy.

I note that it was a musical … but a comedy?

This show scared the sh*t out of me!

Apparently I am going to grow old and have a dry vag*na, night sweats and hot flashes.

Who knew?! 

And that, is if I am lucky. The “change” seems to bring on depression in 50 percent of women, mood swings in 48 percent of women and in 2 freakin’percent of the population, it makes you want to sing about it in a musical!!!

I understand … just last week I walked into a room with a purpose, but forgot entirely what that purpose was. I immediately started dancing about my “senior moment.” In fact, I already started working on producing “Dementia, the Dancefest.” I will let you know when it is ready for release.

But seriously…

What if I decide I am not “changing?” I have been known to march to the beat of my own drummer you know. I went with the menstruation thing, I did the whole giving birth gig, I do mammos with my mama … but I am not “down” with this one ladies. Wanna sit this one out, know what I mean?

Plus, other than the chicks dancing and singing in the show, most of you have not given people like me fair warning. Oh, sure, you joke about your broken internal thermometers, you may have told us your "friend" stopped coming each month—but you’re not talking about the rest of the stuff that can come with "meno…" I can’t even say the rest of the word.

So, a few of you must have some secrets you can share. There’s an underground club for chicks like us, who don’t want to hit the “play button” on the topic of this musical, right?

Please respond. I will be waiting … anxiously.

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