Cool Hot Flashes With Hypnosis

Ready for relief?

by Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn

Twenty-six survivors who experienced severe hot flashes after being catapulted into menopause by their treatments underwent five sessions of hypnotherapy with a psychologist. Each session included relaxation exercises and suggestions for mental images that might make them feel cooler. At the end of five weeks, the women reported a 68 percent decrease in hot flashes, along with a reduction in anxiety and insomnia.

Preliminary data suggests hypnosis works just as well for women experiencing natural menopause. The technique may reduce symptoms because it helps women manage stress, explains study author Gary Elkins, PhD.

Want to give it a try? To find a doctor, psychologist or other mental health care provider who is certified in clinical hypnosis, ask your physician or check the Website for American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

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