Vaginal Dryness: Minimizing Perimenopausal Symptoms

By Meryl Davids Landau
Photograph: iStock

Got vaginal dryness?

Do this: Lube up during sex. "There are so many natural-feeling products on the market now," says Cheryl B. Iglesia, MD, of the Washington Hospital Center, in Washington, D.C. "Just avoid any brand that contains drying alcohol." If itching and burning occur at other times of the day, use a vaginal moisturizer. Newer products like KY Liquibeads or Replens Long Lasting need to be applied only once every few days.

Or this: Your doctor may prescribe vaginal estrogen rings, creams, or tablets. "These deliver much lower doses of estrogen than systemic hormone therapy and go right to the source of your problem, so it’s much safer," Iglesia says. Still, this is only for those near menopause who aren’t producing much estrogen themselves.

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