Anti-Aging Adventure Travel A Few Hours Away

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I am 55 years old and just finished my thirty-third year as a high school physics teacher.  I read you magazine faithfully.  I read so many stories about women reinventing themselves professionally and I feel as though I will probably remain a high school teacher until I retire.  This summer I reinvented myself in another way.  My daughter gave me a book on national parks for Christmas and said let’s visit one a year.  I am also a cheerleader coach and my year is "tied up" with my cheerleaders.  I do not have an extended time off from my cheerleader program in the summer.  I looked in the book and found that one national park is Mammoth Cave which is five hours from me and one hour from my daughter.  When my children were little we had attempted to visit Mammoth Cave but it was closed because of bad storms.  I also saw in the book that they offered a tour called the Wild Cave Tour.  I purchased tickets for my daughter and I and we met for one evening and one day and had an awesome adventure.  The tour is six and one-half hours and includes parts of the cave that are not on the "normal" walking tours.  A description of the tour said no measurement on your body could be over forty-two inches.  The tour included crawling on stomachs and knees.  We squeezed through very tight places, one was called the birth canal.  We got wet and muddy.  We climbed alot.  Heights usually bother me, but I just overcame any fears.  One climb was called the hell hole.  After six and half hours we emerged from the cave.  I discovered that underneath the mud I had bruises all over my arms and legs even though I wore knee pads and elbow pads.  I was sore and bruised for a good week, but it was an amazing feeling.  The other nine people on the tour were all young and I did not hold the group up at all.  I feel rejuvenated and empowered.  I would like to do it again and not be so worried about getting through it.  Now I know I can do that.  I would like to go again and enjoy it.  I am glad to share with your magazine.  I read this magazine cover to cover every month and give subscriptions to my sister, sister-in-law, and best friend yearly.  Besides being a full time high school teacher and coach I take tap, jazz, and ballet lessons and am in a flute ensemble.  I am a member of the Lion’s Club service organization.  Thank you for a wonderful magazine! 

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