Are You Fit Enough for Your Future?

By taking these anti-aging fitness tests, you can pinpoint, then strengthen, your body’s weak spots — and slow down aging in just four weeks.

By Elena Rover
Dip Test (Illustration: Kagan McCleod)
Your Score/Biological Age Beats per Minute Body Age 105 to 107 20s 108 to 110 30s 111 to 113 40s 114 to 116 50s 117+ 60s Fitness RxWhat works: Aerobics, cycling, running, and walking. No matter what you choose, step it up by doing interval training, in which you increase your intensity in one spurt (start with 15 seconds, then build up to one minute), then go easier for the same duration.How often: Three 30- to 60-minute sessions a week.Originally published in MORE magazine, April 2009.

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