Break Your Bad Habits Once and for All

A recent study shows that it’s easier to give up a bad habit by telling yourself “I don’t do that” rather than “I can’t do that.” (According to Forbes, “I don’t” gives us agency and control, whereas “I can’t” feels more like a restriction that’s imposed on us. Click here to read the full article.) Here’s how this theory could work in your life

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Say: "I Don’t Eat My Kids’ Leftovers"

Yes, it’s wrong to waste food—but if you clean up the plate your child barely touched, the extra food will end up on your hips, not in the hands of people who might need it. If there’s enough left over, store it in Tupperware and save it. If not, forgo the calories and just throw it out.


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Say: "I Don’t Hold Grudges"

Forgiving someone who has wronged us can be hard when we’re upset, but holding on to anger isn’t worth the stress. The first step to feeling peaceful is to speak peace into existence. Try it—you’ll be shocked by how much better you feel.


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Say: "I Don’t Skip the Gym for Weeks At a Time"

Committing to a fitness regimen is a huge achievement, so why mess up a good thing by derailing your progress? Going for a long time without exercise makes it hard to resume, so ditch ditching the gym.


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Say: "I Don’t Compare Myself to Others"

Peeking over at our peers can motivate us to do better, but it can also lead to feelings of inadequacy. Instead of constantly comparing yourself with others, remember that each person’s experiences are unique—so get back to appreciating your own.


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