Lady Gaga and I Share Something

Like the famous singer, she carries the emotional scars of childhood bullies and battled to overcome them.

by jan brehm • Member { View Profile }
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I was unaware at the time that I was even being bullied, and I never gave it a thought to attempt to change my situation and or stand up for myself. And after years of a veritable buffet of therapies and self-help groups, the most nagging and prevalent character challenge I face today is to “stay in the game,” present in my mind and body, and to avoid the living “somewhere above my head.” Just to feel my feet on the ground, breathe the air into my lungs, and hear the sound of my own laughter sometimes requires a clear and conscious choice. It is far more familiar to sleepwalk through my days.

Now, I believe positives can always be extracted from negatives. And in regards to myself and living a life well bullied, this is my creed: I will always, always fight for the picked-on, discarded underdogs who grace the schoolyards and walk the halls filled with the adolescent masses. I will stand up for the unsightly and unwanted who breathe the same air as the preferred and privileged. In my book, they’re the heroes. The ones who may cry themselves to sleep or feel rage or feel nothing or stand up or fight back. They are the ones who all of heaven applauds because “God is near to the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit.”

To you who are being bullied, please speak up. Be a tattletale and don’t be afraid. You are worth helping and never, ever believe a word they say!

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